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August 18th, 2008

Hailing from San Francisco and Oakland, Mount Vicious bottles catchy vocals, big riffs, driving bass, and powerful drums to create a noise rock meets classic rock molotov cocktail guaranteed to leave you broken and smiling in a heap of smoldering rubble. If you like balls out rock n roll, you will love Mount Vicious… and Mount Vicious will love you.

Mount Vicious has shared the stage with diverse and popular bay area locals such as The Turks and Ex-Boyfriends, as well as regional favorites such as the Northwest’s Madraso, Police Teeth, Ferocious Eagle and more.

Mount Vicious deliver a powerful live show and are very good at sex.

And now, story time!:
It all began with Conan Neutron, Richard Necklace, and a musical theory:
musicians don’t need to wallow in willful obscurity to write and perform
interesting songs; catchiness does not preclude novelty and innovation does
not preclude blandness.

With these thoughts in mind, Messr. Neutron decided to start a band with Mr. Necklace that preserved the intensity and truth of their previous trio while evoking appreciation among music lovers as well as musicians and theoreticians.

In order to achieve this, a team had to be assembled — a dream team, if you
will: a team that could withstand and match the intense performance,
personality, and perspiration of Mr. Neutron; a team unafraid to play at
volumes audible above the violently rhythmic acrobatics of Mr. Necklace; a
team in which attitude, personality, and sense of purpose were held in equal
regard to technical prowess.

One man soon came to mind to add to the core: “Daddy” Dré Burgerwolf. His
like-mindedness, arrangement skills, and flair for guitar bombast portended
great promise for his value as a partner in crime… or perhaps it was just
his nut-sack showing through his Lucite guitar that rendered him so
desirable. Whatever the case, “Daddy” was quickly seduced to the fold.

Shortly thereafter, a chance meeting followed by some directed ranting made
it clear, with nary a note being played, that the inimitable Brian James,
bass superstar, would be charged with manhandling the bottom end. Instinct,
in this matter, was ultimately vindicated: the only thing cooler than Mr.
James’ bass playing was his hair.

The final formative chord of universal benevolence was struck when
providence saw fit to offer forth Alli Mayhem — shining star of
preposterous guitar talent, maven of subterranean six string cosmology, and
inspiration to a black-clad legion of unknowable proportion — to this
nascent band of merry music makers.

The lineup thus solidified, our intrepid heroes endured the crucible of a
nameless summer before ultimately and definitively divining the name of the
rock beast they had become…

And lo, there shall be a reckoning.