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Alli Mayhem
February 18th, 2009

Alli Mayhem (guitar)

What did the boys of Mount Vicious see in Alli that prodded them to invite her into their syndicate? Could it be her goofy personality and bad jokes? Could it be her love of all things reverb? Or perhaps the endless supply of beer that seems to follow her wherever she goes?

Whatever it was, the match has made her quite the happy girl.

With a background playing with stripped down no-wave band the Cold War, and current blues/punk/cabaret band the Holy Kiss, Mount Vicious found Alli facing, for the first time ever, three guitars. This instrumentation has vastly expanded her horizons as a musician, and faces her with an irresistable urge to play back-to-back with Mr. Neutron.

But no matter how much they bring the mountain of viciousness, Alli still slips in the Rowland S. Howard, Duane Dennison and My Bloody Valentine nods whenever she gets a chance.