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Conan Neutron
February 18th, 2009

Conan Neutron (guitar / vocals)

Conan Neutron, was borne of the armpit of California, Modesto. “It’s a great place to be from.” he says, “It gives you plenty to rebel against.”

Arrogant minion lording autocrat or “soul of rock and roll” and all around swell guy, opinions on the controversial scottish descended madman vary, however none can deny the “heart-on-his-sleeve sincerity that utterly eschews the smirking irony that most indie music scenesters sling.” as the San Francisco Bay Guardian once said: “Neutron hurls himself at the music as if it were a brick wall.”

I mean look at that picture, doesn’t he just LOOK sincere?

Having spent the majority of the aughts fronting the unimitatable, and too clever by half, noiserock band, Replicator. Mount Vicious represents a paradigm shift towards music made for more than other musicians, and a pop sensibility that can delight just as easy as the intensity can nail one against the wall. Moving literally forward to unambiguously front the group in a manner so elegantly displayed by his musical forebearers such as Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Bon Scott, Ian Mackaye, Alice Cooper, Joe Strummer, and David Yow, Neutron has largely left behind the shrieking and buzzing caustically angular guitarrorisim he has been known for, choosing instead to concentrate mostly on melody, harmony, transcendental live rock performance and, sometimes, interlocking guitar parts so capably executed
by the other Mount Vicious team.


Supreme Allied Commander (or S.A.C. for short) Neutron, proudly leads the men and lady of Mount Vicious into victorious battle.

Or at the very least, some really kick ass music and other debauchery.

Sitting just barely on the wrong side of 30, Neutron may not be trustable, but still contends that he can take all comers.