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Mount Vicious – Leather Beer Caddy review from Built on a Weak Spot


It was a shame to see Replicator call it quits awhile back, but like many bands that I enjoy at some point or another, the members usually splinter off and occasionally you get all new projects to fall in love with. As is the case with Conan Neutron & Chris Bolig (or known here as Rick Necklace) from Replicator who have decided to start another group under the name of Mount Vicious with members that have played in various other groups such as Holy Kiss, Stay Gold Pony Boy, and City Volume.

Mount Vicious is certainly a different animal, however one that will undoubtedly rock you from start to finish. One thing that has definitely been carried over is the members’ sharp sense of humor, which reveals itself very quickly through song titles and most notably the lyrics found on their recently self-released Leather Beer Caddy EP. While it certainly has the bounce and energy of many of post-punks past luminaries, they also manage to channel a bit of the swagger of The Jesus Lizard while rubbing it all down with a bit of Cows/Heroine Sheiks inspired filth. That’s just some sort of frame of reference though, listen to some of tunes for yourself. Whatever the band has come up with here, it’s a wonderful concoction of rock that I greatly look forward to hearing more from.

In the meantime, for those searching for more tunes by these guys, they are serving up their Leather Beer Caddy EP for free on Bandcamp. If you’re interested in obtaining higher quality files, throw a few dollars down and they are yours. Either way, grab it if you dig what you hear. The band has recently finished recording for a full-length that they expect to have out in August and should be ready for pre-sale in late June. So definitely keep checking the bands website for more.