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Mount Vicious reviewed by Aqaurius Records

Hey there, Aquarius Records in San Francisco is currently selling our debut album “Don’t Be a Baby, Come and Get it”. They have it reviewed and available for sale on their website., if you search for Mount Vicious in their search form or you can click on this link: and search the page for Mount Vicious.

If you’d rather just read the review, then read the following words.

Mount Vicious certainly have a lot of fun. Their live shows feature (count ‘em) three guitar players, one of whom (Conan) usually rips his shirt off and throws his guitar down to more easily interact with the crowd. The other two often play back to back, axe necks bobbing in unison. Really, with song titles like “Steroid Unicorn,” “Wherewolf,” and “We Enjoy Fucking (To This Music)” how can YOU not have fun listening (or maybe fucking?) to this music? Mount Vicious features Conan Neutron and Chris Bolig of local loudnicks Replicator and Alli Pheteplace of The Holy Kiss, both of which are now, sadly, defunct. Mount Vicious plays a more straightforward (a.k.a. fistpumping) brand of hard rock than either of those two outfits, well utilizing the technique of the harmonized guitar solo. Conan sounds surprisingly like a Misfits-era Glenn Danzig, with a little Mike Patton thrown in for good measure. Listen to this record at high volume.

Hell yeah. If you’re going to buy the CD, buy it from Aquarius.