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On the grapevine to the show i…
July 1st, 2009

On the grapevine to the show in the L.A. Crazy traffic going the other way caused by a fire. Glad we aren’t in it!

Our full length album is avail…
July 1st, 2009

Our full length album is available to purchase now! this makes us very happy. please buy a copy.

We are ready to rock the entir…
June 18th, 2009

We are ready to rock the entire US!

We’re playing tonight at the H…
May 24th, 2009

We’re playing tonight at the Hemlock in SF with the everawesome Police Teeth from Seattle. Our last bayarea show until Aug.!

We are on a NorCal minitour wi…
May 22nd, 2009

We are on a NorCal minitour with Police Teeth (seattle/bellingham) this weekend! Eureka tonight, Modesto tomorrow, SF sunday.

2 songs from the upcoming reco…
May 14th, 2009

2 songs from the upcoming record available to listen to: or

Mount Vicious – Leather Beer Caddy review from Built on a Weak Spot
May 13th, 2009


It was a shame to see Replicator call it quits awhile back, but like many bands that I enjoy at some point or another, the members usually splinter off and occasionally you get all new projects to fall in love with. As is the case with Conan Neutron & Chris Bolig (or known here as Rick Necklace) from Replicator who have decided to start another group under the name of Mount Vicious with members that have played in various other groups such as Holy Kiss, Stay Gold Pony Boy, and City Volume.

Mount Vicious is certainly a different animal, however one that will undoubtedly rock you from start to finish. One thing that has definitely been carried over is the members’ sharp sense of humor, which reveals itself very quickly through song titles and most notably the lyrics found on their recently self-released Leather Beer Caddy EP. While it certainly has the bounce and energy of many of post-punks past luminaries, they also manage to channel a bit of the swagger of The Jesus Lizard while rubbing it all down with a bit of Cows/Heroine Sheiks inspired filth. That’s just some sort of frame of reference though, listen to some of tunes for yourself. Whatever the band has come up with here, it’s a wonderful concoction of rock that I greatly look forward to hearing more from.

In the meantime, for those searching for more tunes by these guys, they are serving up their Leather Beer Caddy EP for free on Bandcamp. If you’re interested in obtaining higher quality files, throw a few dollars down and they are yours. Either way, grab it if you dig what you hear. The band has recently finished recording for a full-length that they expect to have out in August and should be ready for pre-sale in late June. So definitely keep checking the bands website for more.


Mount Vicious – Leather Beer Caddy review from Dead Angel
May 13th, 2009

May issue

This is not, technically speaking, a real and formal introduction to this Oakland “supergroup” featuring current and former members of popular Bay-area bands like Replicator, City Volume, Cold War, and The Long Thaw (among many, many others) — these are current versions of five songs scheduled for eventual release, in different form, on the band’s impending full-length debut. They recorded these songs and issued this ep (with only fifty copies available on cd-r; everybody else can download the tracks on the band’s web site) to give people an idea of where they stand right now, musically speaking. Not surprisingly for such a high-energy outfit, they’re impatient and want to bring the rock to you RIGHT NOW. And this they do, with much flair. Their songs are a weirdly distinctive amalgamation of classic, mainstream Big Rock and spazzed-out postmodern math rock, heavy and catchy and baroque all at the same time, with big riffs and squiggly guitar lines over a monster rhythm section. If you’ve heard Replicator — particularly the material they were doing at the tail end of their existence — it’s not difficult to see this as the natural progression of that aesthetic, but the material here is a shade closer to anthemic rock and, while still plenty complex and proggy, not quite so totally mired in the obscure rhythms of math rock. I haven’t heard any of the other bands germane to the members of the band who weren’t in Replicator, so it’s hard to guess what they bring to the table, but the sum of the parts is certainly exciting. The emphasis on guitar frippery (there are three guitar players, offering plenty of opportunity to get some really rocking polyrhythmic six-string action going) definitely works for me. They’re certainly off to a promising start with songs this good and playing so energetic.

New Record Details and US Tour!
May 8th, 2009

Hello everybody,
Long time no talk.
Just a quick update from us at Mount Vicious HQ. We recorded a 10 song full length DEBUT album at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco where many, many fine records have been made by some mighty fine artists.

It’s called: “Don’t Be a Baby, Come And Get It”, and it comes out this summer, presale available June 30th, “official release” August 29th.

Here is the track listing:
1. Da Proposition
2. Princess of the Brodeo
3. Skin Flautist
4. Steroid Unicorn
5. What’s My Emotivation?
6. Martyr Party
7. Wherewolf?
8. Make Room For Daddy
9. We Enjoy Fucking (To This Music)
10. The Long Walk

You may have heard some of these songs before, but I guarantee you, you have NOT heard them like this.
It was masterfully produced by John “Crunch all you want mate, they’ll bloody well make more” Congleton (Modest Mouse, Explosions in the Sky, R. Kelly, Mountain Goats and about a million others) and sounds pretty damn badass. (if I do say so myself!)

But don’t take our word for out, check out the two songs we’ve posted PRINCESS OF THE BRODEO, and THE LONG WALK.

Bob Weston of Shellac fame has mastered it, who has worked on many fine records himself.

Nextly, we are doing a 33 date tour of the United States of America to celebrate this opus we created.
There is a good chance we will be coming to your city.

Check out the shows area, as it’s updated in as real time as we can get it.
We still have some holes, and some things that are being worked that have yet to come through.
If you can help though, we would be sincerely thankful.

This tour should be a blast, we are going to be playing with some of our favorite bands, POLICE TEETH, Jucifer, Ifihadahifi, the pAperchAse, and many, many more.

Oh, this won’t be the last time this is mentioned, if you think that you or some key person or organization should be getting a copy of the cd. Please message us and let us know.
E-mail is also good (conan at neutron-x dot com is probably best)

oh yeah! We’re also doing 3 date in Northern California with Police Teeth, Eureka, Santa Cruz and San Francisco.
Attendence for these shows will be compulsory as they are one of the best things going right now and you don’t want to fail it, do you?!!

DO YOU?!?!?

-Conan Neutron
(“Daddy” Dre Burgerwolf, Brian Jet James, Alli Mayhem, and Richard “Wreckless” Necklace”)
Mount Vicious

wed July 1st, 2009 LA
thu July 2nd, 2009 San Diego – Radio Room
fri July 3rd, 2009 Phoenix
sat July 4th, 2009 Alb./Santa Fe, NM
sun July 5th, 2009 San Antonio – Limelight
mon July 6th, 2009 Austin
tue July 7th, 2009 Fayetteville, Ar – George’s Majestic Lounge w/the pAperchAse
wed July 8th, 2009 Little Rock/Hot Springs??
thu July 9th, 2009 Memphis – Nocturnal w/The Family Ghost
fri July 10th, 2009 New Orleans
sat July 11th, 2009 Athens, GA
sun July 12th, 2009 raleigh/durham
mon July 13th, 2009 Baltimore, MD – The Ottobar ^
tue July 14th, 2009 Philadelphia, PA – The “M” Room ^
wed July 15th, 2009 New York – Cake Shop ^
thu July 16th, 2009 New York ^
fri July 17th, 2009 Boston ^
sat July 18th, 2009 Rochester/Buffalo, NY ^
sun July 19th, 2009 Pittsburgh, PA

mon July 20th, 2009 Columbus, Oh
tue July 21st, 2009 Detroit, Mi – Small’s w/Amino Acids
wed July 22nd, 2009 Indianapolis, In – Melody Inn w/MEDUSA
thu July 23rd, 2009 Chicago – Quencher’s w/ Builder/Destroyer *
fri July 24th, 2009 Milwaukee – Cactus Club*
sat July 25th, 2009 Madison – The Frequency*
sun July 26th, 2009 Dubuque, IA* – Busted Lift

mon July 27th, 2009 Omaha, NE?/Lincoln. NE
tue July 28th, 2009 Denver, Co – 3 Kings Tavern w/Spokeshaver
wed July 29th, 2009 Missoula, MT- Palace Lounge
thu July 30th, 2009 Seattle, WA – Funhouse +
fri July 31st, 2009 Bellingham, WA – Jinx Art Space+
Sat August 1st, 2009 Portland, OR – East End+

^ w/Jucifer
* w/Ifihadahifi
+ w/Police Teeth
(Bold is confirmed, italics is being worked)

Mount Vicious, Police Teeth (Seattle) Live at The Hemlock, May 24
May 6th, 2009

$6.00, be there early to hang out. 21 and over.

May 24, 2009 – Hemlock Tavern, Polk and Sutter in San Francisco.

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